Governance Guidelines

This report is for the Administration of College Establishment by Kennedy Educational Society, KVK College of Pharmacy. This report of Administration has been developed and the arrangements being drilled, in light of;

  • Standards of Pharmacy Council of India & AICTE, New Delhi, India.
  • KVK College of Pharmacy standards and guidelines.
  • TEQIP -III Great / Good Practice Guidelines.
  • JNTUH rules & regulations guideline proceedings
  • Best practices of Institution at present

The archive mirrors the proposals contained in TEQIP -III Great / Good Practice Guide for Administering Bodies.

The principle point of drawing out this archive on Administration is to put on record the structure and practices for Administration that have brought about effective working to give advantages and fulfillment to all partners and thus lead to in general quality upgrade. Some demonstrative advantages are exhibited underneath (these are in consonance with:

  • Trustworthiness at all degrees of people, frameworks and association in connection to outside and inner related exercises of the Organization.
  • Solid initiative and the executive’s aptitudes in the majority of the spots where they are required.
  • Procedures set up for observing and improving the nature of educating and learning, and inside organizations for improving that quality with suitable understudy association.
  • Procedures set up to convey upgrades in research quality.
  • Procedures set up to create business enterprise eco-framework.
  • Lean and capable organization.
  • Hearty and straightforward monetary frameworks, particularly in regards to obtainment, and solid interior and outside review.
  • Viable and straightforward components to decide compensation at all levels.
  • Viable understudy support through Completing College, Industrial / Hospital visits and so forth.
  • Strong and straightforward budgetary frameworks, particularly with respect to acquirement, and solid inner and outer review.
  • Viable and straightforward systems to decide compensation at all levels.
  • Understudy support in the executives and administration at all levels.
  • Commitment to better execution in accreditation towards NAAC & NBA.
  • Centered consciousness of institutional yields, particularly expanded employability.
  • Procedures to help pursue compliances of standards and guidelines.
  • Understudy cooperation for Students both at Academic and extracurricular activities in their higher goals and achievements towards Pharma excellence.