Master in Pharmacy (M. Pharm)

Pharmacist, Chemist or Druggist different term with similar specialty i.e. preparing medicines, helping with healing procedure of patients, advising them as well as the doctors/medical practitioners about medicines use, dosages, side effects and even the diet required while consuming the medicines. Even for deciding what kind of medicines need a mandatory prescription by doctors and, which ones can be bought over the counter is decided by a trained pharmacy practitioner. To dispense drugs in the Healthcare industry is one of the primary roles of pharmacy degree holder along with preparation and carrying out lab testing as well as scientific research on drugs/medicines.

A Master of Pharmacy degree holder is one pharmacy course that is structured in a way to provide entire technical, researched, practical and theoretical knowledge about pharmacy including traditional and modern medicines. The degree is of great value because a person holding this degree is as knowledgeable as a medical practitioner with years of experience, in fact, way ahead of doctors by acquiring knowledge with experience of complete health care industry.